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PHP serial extension for Windows - Handle serial port communications with PHP scripting
Direct link here!

EzCom2Web 3.0 - lightweight HTTP server and server side script engine for serial communications

    EzCom2Web is a lightweight HTTP server and a script engine (like PHP or ASP) in one application . It's main strength is support for serial port communications making it a great tool to control a device connected on a remote PC serial port with only a web browser. Home automation boxes, video switchers, mp3 players, ham radios, mobile phones / modems ( send, receive SMS ), video cameras, in fact any device with a serial port and known communication protocol can be handled from remote through a web browser.

    You can build a complete nice looking web interface for your RS232 device writing html and script code. Script language syntax is Basic like, very easy to learn and write. The script code is executed by the internal script engine, there is no need to call another script engine, however other script engines (as PHP ) can be used for specific jobs like database handling; data can be passed easy between scripts.

    A complete web RS232 terminal example is included, which is a single file with less than 200 lines !
    A second example expands the web serial terminal implementing a web SMS interface which can be used to handle SMS using a remote GSM mobile phone, modem or terminal.

Platform : Win95/98/Me,NT,2000,XP.

Features :

- the script language syntax is very close to BASIC
- variables are wekk typed (type casting is performed automatically)
- statements available for:
- complete control over the server machine serial ports: open, close, send, receive, flush
- date/time
- strong string handling
- text file handling
- it is a complete language, with support for control structures (if, for, while, do, select)
- supports procedures and functions to better organize the code
- other server capabilities:
- user authentication
- can limit visitors access to one at a time
- log activity to file
- auto start and auto minimize to System Tray

Help file :

Product is shipped with standard .chm file, HTML online version can be seen here:
Online HTML help

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